Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Elves Were Hard at Work!!!

This Christmas there was a lot of making of things at our house...I am very proud of my girlies for wanting to make gifts for the people they love.  I am very proud of my hubby for painting the most beautiful painting for his Godmother...and I am proud of me for tackling a new project - the sewing machine!

Here is Brian's painting of the Golden Gate Bridge...he always amazes me with his talents.  Just a year or so ago Brian said - I think I will take up oil painting - now......I am a supportive spouse, but some things just seem a bit far fetched to can you just decide one day to oil paint!?

Well apparently Brian can!!!!!!!!  The quality of these photos isn't great, but I couldn't resist sharing this gorgeous painting (Kathy, you are lucky this painting left the house!)

Madison made some great journals...with quotes on the pages...

this book was for her dad - with quotes on happiness.
Along with her custom journals Madison made gorgeous necklaces...
Lane made bath salts so everyone could pamper themselves....
She also decorated the jars they were in, but I didn't get a photo of that - this set was for Madison and they went in a big basket of pampering goodies.

The kitchen smelled wonderful for days!  They are so sparkly and festive.

As I write this I am wearing one of my gifts from Lane - this darling pair of leaf earrings!

She also made me holly and flamingos!!!!!!

I have been hand sewing for many weeks - making ornaments....
 and little owl families - among other things...
 I made charms for my sister, Jennifer, to hang on a little metal tree that I got her for her birthday...some for Valentine's Day...
Some snowflakes and icicles for the remainder of Winter...and....
some flowers and bugs to usher in Spring when it gets here!

But....the thing that I wanted to try that was new...the thing that I put off because I was a little bit nervous...the thing that my sister does well and my mom did well, and I don't do yet...was....
The Sewing Machine - eeek!!!!!!

 I started with a small messenger type bag for Lane - that is a potholder on the front flap that I found at our annual trip to the Arnold Flea Market/Garage Sale.  Can you see the owl?
And...I lined it with the cutest owl fabric. I even made my own patterns - not sure why when you can buy them...but I did!   Now, you might notice that this purse is a little wrinkled - well I had a bit of a problem with some fabric that I thought might be interfacing...turns out it wasn't and my iron has a bit of gunk glued to it's surface!!!!!!!

After some hemming and hawing I moved on to a larger messenger bag for Madison.  If you look really closely at the strap you can see where I have to make a tiny adjustment - didn't get the straps into the seam quite far enough!!!!!!
But look how cute the fabric on the front is....
and again - some cute lining...and I even put some pockets on the inside of this one!  So I am a little bit less terrified of the sewing machine now - I may even tackle recovering the cushions on our couch.  Well, to be truthful it has taken me so long to get up the courage to do the couch that the cushions have disintegrated and we need to make new cushions also!

So, it was a handmade Christmas for us and I am proud of all of us!  Tell me what you made for Christmas or did someone make something for you?

xoxo     Elizabeth - who is no longer quite so afraid of the sewing machine (well maybe just a little!)

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  1. Lovely. What beautiful memories as well. Time well spent. Thanks for sharing.