Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas confession....

 They say that confession is good for the soul - and Cathe Holden of 'Just Something I Made' got me to thinking the last time I read her blog....(click above for her Christmas confession)
I love making memories with my girlies - what I realize as they get older is that their memories and my intention for their memories is not always in sync. 
My oldest, Madison, told me the other day that her earliest memories of decorating the tree were of Lane and her sitting on the couch watching me hang the ornaments!!!!!!!!

And you know, she is right, I am sad to say....but here is my side of this sordid tale.
I have for as long as I can remember collected glass ornaments - vintage and new.  You know the ones...very delicate with lots of colours.  Sometimes they are beautiful tear drop shapes, sometimes they are birds with a single soft feather for a tail.  I have some flamingos, a wheel barrow with flowers, a tiny birdhouse and many old beauties that I have found at antique stores, garage sales or thrift stores.  Now, in my defense these types of ornaments are easily broken...and it took me many years to gather enough to fill an entire tree...so..........when my girlies were little I always gave them each a little tree to put their own ornaments on (and I purchased a special new ornament for them each year as did their Grammy and their Auntie Jenny).  In my mind this was wonderful and exciting - their own trees to decorate with their own unique ornaments.
In their minds Mommy got to touch and hang all the pretty ornaments and she made sure that they touched none of them!  I think that the girlies have forgiven me my foolish ways - but just to make sure this Christmas the tree is all their ornaments!  There is not a one of Mom's forbidden ornaments to be found on the tree.
Madison and Lane - the tree is gorgeous and I hope this makes up for the trauma I caused you each Christmas as you drank eggnog, listened to Christmas music, and watched me trim the tree!
Can you see the photo in the background - that's my Nonnie and Honey (grandparents)!

What does your tree look like?  Do you have a favorite ornament that is hanging on it?

The offer still stands to come over for a Christmas drink!  See, the Santa mugs are ready to go!

xoxo    Elizabeth


  1. I can't wait to come over soon for a Christmas drink!!! I also have a drink to share with you! Maybe we could do a breakfast and drinks with Bethanne! hehe

  2. I don't have a tree this year, but yours makes me feel like I do!

  3. Mommy... Ha. I need to clear something up. While it is true that my earliest memories of decorating at Christmas are of Lane, Dad and I watching you decorate the tree, that doesn't make it a bad memory. I feel so happy when I remember snuggling up with my sis and dad under our Christmas blankets hot chocolate in hand. Listening to Christmas music and watching you make the tree more and more beautiful with every ornament you added. And we can't forget when we had to close our eyes so you could hide the pickle. All those things will forever make me smile. Love you bunches M