Monday, December 27, 2010

A Birthday Party!

Fourteen years ago I looked like this...

and on December 20th I got this beautiful baby!

Isn't she sweet!?  That little sweater was from when my mom was a little one.

She was sooooo chubby and cute!

I actually had a hard time finding pics of her alone because Madison was always with her!
kissing her or....
showing her things - or just loving on her!

So fourteen years later...Lane wanted to have a game themed party.  We are big on themed birthdays around here...we have had pizza parties, sushi parties, ballerina parties, snowman name it we have probably done it...the difference now is - the girlies are capable of doing so much of it themselves! 
Lane made her own invites!  They looked like the packets from the Clue game...fantastic job Lane!

We decorated with our cool old games...
and people enjoyed playing with them!
I made some necklaces for party favors.

And...we made our worst cake ever!!!!!!! Now...I am not much of a baker - it is too exact of a science for me!  Lane and Madison however are bakers..but this cake was just not our best effort.  We tried to make a Twister game on a piece of chocolate - well for those of you who might be decorating cakes...painting with food colouring on chocolate doesn't really work.  Here's the evidence...

Although it does look a bit better in candle light - don't we all!?
 You see usually the Auntie Jenny makes the birthday cakes, but our Bethanne came home from college with a 103 fever and they had to stay we made an attempt - and it was fine.

The birthday party was held at Papa's house because he has a very cool basement where all the kiddos can hang out!
After dinner all together, the kiddos ventured downstairs for some movies and of course - games!  They must have had fun because I heard that when the electricity went off at 6am they were still awake!  Good thing  the power went out - they finally took it as a sign to get some sleep.

Looks like fun doesn't it?

I made the traditional crepes for breakfast (or lunch!) the next day...or as we call them 'French Pancakes'..but there are no pics because I was manning two crepe pans and cutting up fruit and setting the table and....well, you get the idea. 

So my baby is 14...she is taller than me...and she is wonderful!!!!  Happy Birthday my Lane - I love you!

xoxo    Elizabeth  (Mom)


  1. Looks like a blast! What a successful birthday/holiday season! You girlies are so crafty and creative!

  2. Loved the pictures from 14 years ago. So lovely. What a cute cake. Smiles, m