Wednesday, January 12, 2011

City Meets Country......

This is where we spent last weekend...gorgeous huh?  Thanks to the Avalos family - Stacy, Dave, Tristan and Tatum we got to do a lot of fun stuff.  Oh, and eat a lot of good great fabulous food!
When we arrived Dave had already started the fire - and we needed it, it was cold, cold, cold outside!  Now this fire is going to be a main feature of our adventure so pay attention to it...
Can you see the fresh little grass growing on the log and the fire surrounding it!?
The Avalos homestead is like a little piece of Heaven...the amazing view I showed you...and many wonderful touches that a loving Dad has crafted...
the Tree House...
decks and porches, vegetable gardens and pathways...(that is our Lena enjoying some country freedom!)
Just look at this!!!!  Peacock feathers...just lying around!!!  I immediately asked Stacy if I could take some home - she rounded up some scissors and I filled a little bag!  (Always looking to add to my stuff!)
Our first activity was some trap shooting!  Here is my ruggedly handsome hubby cradling his borrowed gun!
And...shooting it!  He hit the first or second clay pigeon he aimed at and then the beginner's luck was over.

Now these next pictures some of you may think have been photo-shopped...but no...they are a record of what actually happened!

Stacy showed me how the gun works and what to do......
and...I...actually shot the gun!
There was definitely a bit of a kick...and next time I may even shoot it twice!  This time once was just perfect.  I didn't want to get home and be sorry that I hadn't tried it!
Look at this sweet baby, Porter, she is just a love.

Now, the fire in the fire pit was still going and getting stronger and warmer...but Dave also started another fire and cooked us some of the best tri-tip I have ever had!

Barrel cooked tri-tip - yum.........
Is your mouth watering?
Lena continued to play and make friends - this is Annie - a chocolate lab.  Lena actually wore her out...I think it's the Walker Hound in her!
Back to the fire...and the main event....Christmas Tree Burning!!!!!!!  The fire has gotten nice and hot - so hot that I didn't really need the two coats, hat, two scarves, and huge sweater that I brought!
Here go the Christmas trees!  When you see these burn you know why you never want your tree to go up inside the house......they go up fast in just a matter of seconds.........
Dave burned about 5 or 6 trees and each one was just as exciting as the first...the flames were probably about 15 feet or so and just gorgeous - from the right distance of course!

and the embers that went up into the sky were beautiful also...
Can you see the tree house all lit up in the back!?
Everyone enjoyed sitting by the warm, warm fire...
even after the trees had all gone up it stayed very toasty.
We even found some ornaments in one of the trees!!!!!!

The night got warmer and the fire was inviting and we all hesitated to go inside...but that fresh country air tuckered us cityfolks out and we knew morning would bring Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls!!!!

Stacy treated us to so much wonderful home cooked food...from her mouth watering dinner (or breakfast or lunch...) rolls to roasted asparagus, creamy mashed potatoes and chocolate cake... and then in the morning these beauties...

These cinnamon rolls are from The Pioneer Woman's website - Stacy and I love her recipes and her stories.  Click above and go see for yourself!

So us city slickers had lots of fun in the country...I can see why Stacy is willing to do all the driving she does coming in to town.  But, I do have to say that with the tales of packs of coyotes,  hungry mountain lions, rattle snakes as big as your arm and scorpions in your pajammies...I'm not sure I have what it takes to actually live there!

Stacy, Dave, Tristan and Tatum we can't thank you enough for such a wonderful weekend!  You made us feel right at home and I think I even invited myself back without waiting to be asked - my manners escaped me for a minute there!

xoxo    Elizabeth

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