Friday, January 7, 2011

Keeping My Clutter Under Control

I want to share with you one of my favorite ways to be able to hold on to a lot of stuff!

One of my friends found these at Pier One and I love displaying bits and pieces on it...

Can you see the wire frame under all of my stuff!?  There really is one there, with lots of curly ques that hold so many goodies.

Here is the tippy top - Isn't that a cute picture of Lane and her daddy?  A silk star that I couldn't resist at a street faire...a valentine from my hubby...and that's me in the hospital with Madison and my mom and dad are looking on...
down a little farther...another star, a beautiful felted flower from Colleen...a fun picture of us from Miss Sarah's wedding...and my mom and dad's wedding!  Mom and Dad are holding Madison at the top there..and below them is my Nonnie holding my mom.
The bathing beauties are my mom and her highschool friend...that's Madison in her first Halloween costume...and a thank you note from one of my art students!
A cute valentine from a wonderful friend...Grammy and Papa with the Dulany and Toel grandkids...and can you see my mom in the corner sitting at her vanity getting ready for her wedding!?  Madison has that heart mirror in her bedroom.
Isn't it amazing how many things I have managed to fit on here?
And at the very end...a cute 'B' from my mom's memorial party...yet another star ( because if one is good three are better!)...and some of my mom's recipes.  I love being able to look at all my things...this is positioned so I can see it from my messy desk - you can check out my messy desk here.  Now... I had one of those table top ones that you can slide things on to but it just wasn't big enough for all my stuff!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are enjoying your stuff!

xoxo    Elizabeth

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