Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year...

I was cleaning and getting out Christmas decorations and I picked up this box....
a few years ago on New Years Day the girlies and I decorated cigar boxes.  They were made to hold our small treasures for the coming year.

Hard to believe that yet another year had gone by and it was almost time to open up our treasure boxes and share the tidbits we had squirreled away throughout the year!

We like doing a little project on New Year's Eve or New Year's year we made hats...

just rolled up newspaper and goodies from around the house - see all that saving that I do does pay off!

The box tradition has become a favorite of mine, though, because it involves us all sitting around on New Year's Day showing each other what was special to us from the previous year.  Madison wants to make a box each year and decorate a wall of her future home with them.  Lane and I have stuck with our originals and we put our treasures in a envelope to save each year.
This has been a year of growing and challenges for us -some of the treasures in our boxes will make us cry and some will make us laugh, but all of them make us who we are.

To another year of treasures and another year of growth - welcome to 2011...

My most sincere wishes for a Happy 2011 to all of you who warm my heart by reading this blog.

xoxo   Elizabeth

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