Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Toadstool or Mushroom?

How do you tell if a mushroom is poisonous or not?  You make it yourself!
Just look at these adorable mushrooms...don't they look like you just got them at the Farmer's Market!?
My sister, Jennifer (or Jen, or Jenny, or Auntie Jenny!) made creme brulee for us the other night...she didn't want to waste all of the egg whites that would be left over so she brought a recipe for Meringue Mushrooms.  I would like to make another pitch here for saving things - this recipe has been in her file for many many years, never used - until now!
My Bethanne and my Lane were given the old recipe and put in charge of making the 'shrooms, as we called them.  Here they are being just a little bit silly!
I think they were giddy from making such successful Meringues!
Here is the recipe - it is a little tired looking from all it's years of waiting to be used...

 and some tips on how to shape them...

So, the girlies worked hard on making these beautiful 'shrooms.....and then....
We ate them!!!!!!!!!! Not the girlies - the mushrooms!

The next time you have some leftover egg whites you should make these.  They are so cute and tasty too! 

xoxo    Elizabeth

PS  This post is an example of how little I really know about this computer/blog world...I couldn't get the recipe and tips in here looking pretty - sorry about that!  There is always more to learn!

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  1. Those mushrooms are so cute!! They look fantastic!