Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Candy Corn Debate

First of all I just don't understand how anyone can dislike Candy Corn!!!!  (See how I capitalized it there...because it is just so good!)  That being said whether you like to partake of the sweet treat or not - it is definitely a Halloweeny item.

 A good friend and I were recently checking out one of our favorite stores and she saw some giant candy corn decorations...rather than considering purchasing them my first thought is always................ "I can make those!"

So here goes....
I started by making a candy corn shape...normally I would have scrunched up newspapers and taped them into the shape I wanted but I didn't have very much newspaper!! So I cut up an old box and taped it into a candy corn shape.  For this project I think this actually worked better.
I cut up some white tissue paper and made a paste of flour and water...
and paper mached over my forms.  I put them out in the sun to dry and then did one more coat before I let them bask again. 
I let the candies dry over night - just to make sure there were no soggy spots.  After some research on google as to just what the proportions of orange, yellow and white are on the candy I was ready to paint...
the orange section is just a little bit bigger than the yellow or white section!
A little glitter cause even candy corn can use some sparkle...
Giant Candy Corn Decorations!  Now I have to go and buy some real candy corn because they are making me hungry!
Here is a hint at our next fact that is what I will be doing today.  So go make some candy corn and come back to see our next Halloweeny adventure.

xoxo          Elizabeth

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