Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Good to Send Cards!

Don't you love it when the mail holds something other than bills and junk mail?  It makes my day when there is a card or letter in my mail slot!
I was so happy to find that my old (and that is said with a lot of love) house had it's own wonderful mail slot!  I do not like those new-fangled mail boxes that are placed at the end of a street and hold every one's mail!!!

Several of the spaces on my To Do list right now are filled with reasons to send a card to someone.  I hate to admit it, but one is a Christmas thank you!  I also need to send a get well/thinking of you, and a couple of other thank yous.  I love to send hand made cards...I think the last ones I did were origami kimonos.  This time I decided to do some little sketches.
I cut and folded some cardstock...
I got out my coloured pencils - a nice set of coloured pencils is right up there with a brand new carton of Crayolas!
I searched my knick-knack shelf for some interesting things to draw...
and got to work sketching. I will tell the truth - at first I got frustrated...I don't sketch as often as I should and it didn't go well right off the bat.  With some encouragement from my girlies I kept at it and got some things that worked.
I made some copies of my sketches and got out my paper scrap box.  We rarely throw anything away around here!
I did some tearing,
some cutting,
and some gluing...
...and soon some special people will be receiving some handmade cards!
So grab some pencils, some paper...and go to town!  I had a lot of fun and now I have a stash of little sketches to use when ever I need them.  As I can attest to, some days aren't good sketching days...and on a day like that you could use images from the web or magazines in place of sketches.  That makes a nice card also.

Have fun!

xoxo      Elizabeth

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