Sunday, October 9, 2011

Water Colour It's Not!!!

I love water colour painting - not so much!  But...this weekend the family gathered at Mom and Dad's and we all pitched in and now the house just looks so pretty!

Thought I would share a few thoughts with you...
First of all...these guys were no help at all!  They just goofed off the entire weekend.
Second...gadgets are good!  And did you know that some people keep their paint brushes in those little boxes that they come in - like forever!? And another thing...those people...well their brushes look really nice still!
If you do things right - there are little packages to open up when you are all done with the painting!
Just look at that! A light fixture!
Sometimes along the way you find little treasures...I think there might be a pot under all of those baby tears...and I think it needs a little bitty flower in it!

A couple of tips - not because I am such a good painter, but because I seem to learn the hard way with painting...
don't keep cleaning your brush off all of the way around your paint container until there is hardly any room left to rest your brush...
don't forget to open the door when you are painting the threshold...and as I have been informed - it is not an art project!!!!  So I guess the 2 or 3 hours I spent painting this door was a tad too much?
Here is a biggy - this is not how you paint!!!! It is dangerous and your mother would not like it!

Sometimes the dog gets painted...but that's ok he's washable!
My mom's pretty cushions look so nice all dusted off and straightened out!  But now there is a rousing discussion going on about just what colour all of the wicker and such should be painted...
the little outdoor shelves and knick-knacks are all cleaned up, but are hollering for some fun paint!  My vote is turquoise - I think it would be so great with the white house and red trim.  My sis says that is just too crazy (or maybe just plain ugly?) - maybe a nice olive green.  At any rate at least all the cobwebs are off now and everything looks very nice.
So with lots of coffee and some great food (my sis, Jennifer, made this and it was yummy!) we got the job done.

As one of the bunch said today "Many hands make light work." 

So true, so true - I think I might have made that comment a time or two on this blog.  And isn't that what life is about...being there when people need you, doing it together to make it that much easier, and making the work a little lighter by laughing and talking with people you love.

So what is  your vote - turquoise or olive green?

xoxo       Elizabeth

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