Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Adventures

Well, we certainly got into the spirit of Halloween this year!  We got started making decorations and we just couldn't be stopped...

these crazy bits
turned into these crazy things!
these became eyes

and adorned our silly little green monsters.
Our bluebirds of happiness all got masks so that they could join in the Halloween fun!

And Madison and I taught ourselves how to crochet funny ghosties...well, truth be told Madison taught us and I became very frustrated, but kept at it and in spite of my refusal to rip things out when my stitch count was off - I still ended up with a cute little guy!

So...our dining room ceiling is very festive and rather Halloweeny with all the creatures that are hanging out there.

Next on the list....pumpkin carving!!!!!!!!

xoxo        Elizabeth

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