Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day

 I like to make a little bit of a fuss on Valentine's Day...
and of course eat a little Valentine's candy!

I made some little heart hairpins for my girlies to give to their ballet students...
If you would like to make some gather these supplies:
  • Some fun fabrics
  • Some coordinating felts
  • Bobby pins
  • Needle and thread, of course...and don't forget the scissors
  • ...you can either fold your pieces of fabric and felt and cut your hearts freehand (they don't all have to be exactly the same) or make a template out of cardstock or cardboard
  • Oh and some glass beads!

 So ... cut out some hearts from your fabric and then cut coordinating hearts of the same size from your felt. Now cut out some tiny hearts to decorate with.  Stitch your small felt heart to the fabric heart with a little bead and then put the fabric and felt hearts together back to back and blanket stitch around the edges.  It's that easy...
secure a bobby pin to the back of the heart with a few stitches and Voila! you have a Valentine hair pin.  These would actually make a cute gift for any time - not just Valentine's Day.

I also made some little Valentine tokens for myself to give away (but true to form I did not get the ones I was going to send to friends in the mail on time!?)

Before these are given out they will get a piece of twine tied to the branch so they can be hung up.  As long as you don't live too far away (like where a mailman would be involved...) you might get one of these Valentines!
I hope your Heart Day is a happy one!

xoxo        Elizabeth

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