Monday, February 20, 2012

Faux Spring

Something is making me so happy...............
on my front porch nestled in with the gnomes...
and guarded by the birdies....
this is happening!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aren't they just gorgeous!?
There are so many buds I can hardly count them...and it's the first time it has happened since I put this little lovely in it's pot almost 5 years ago!

I love magnolias and I have always wanted one in my yard.  Well...even though I am a landscape designer by trade (and schooling!) my garden leaves a bit to be desired - you know what they say - the cobbler never has new shoes, the seamstress sews for everyone else, the painter doesn't paint his own house...etc., etc., and so forth.  So, some years ago I put a small magnolia (Magnolia stellata or Star Magnolia) in a pot and set it on my porch, waiting for those beautiful blossoms each year.  There were a few, but this year it has outdone itself and I am just tickled about it.
Just stunning and each day there are a few more...what a wonderful gift!

I hope you are enjoying something in your garden.

xoxo      Elizabeth

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