Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Current Etsy Favorites

As a part of the relaunch of my own etsy shop, Studio 1215, I would love to introduce you to some of the many wonderful items available on   Fair warning...once you realize all the wonders of etsy you may find yourself called back again and again to browse it's lovely wares!

So here goes.... the first monthly installment of 'My Current Etsy Favorites'...........


This charming little doll is made by a friend of my brother and sister-in-law...whose name is Elizabeth Buenrostro.  My brother, Brad, and Tina received two of these dolls for their wedding  - fashioned to look just like them!

Her shop is Applesauce Designs and she also makes the most darling children's clothing -  with a mixture of new and vintage  fabrics.     (just click on these photos to visit her shop...all of the following photos are linked to the shops)

This little dress even has 'fancy pants' (as we call them!) to go under it!

This next shop comes to us all the way from Montreal...Royal Mint makes adorable felted creatures and objects...

I am feeling the need to have this wonderful pencil topper.  Wouldn't it be just the right thing atop my perfectly sharpened pencil!?

 This necklace is on my wish comes with one gemstone and you can add more as you like.  Lillian Ginebra who makes the gorgeous things for this shop is another California girl!  She has so many other beautiful pieces you must go and take a look-see!

And this little ring... I may just go and buy it as soon as I am finished with this post!  I love wearing lots of tiny rings all stacked up and ScapeStackRings is a great little shop to find some.  So go pick one or two or three and sit back and anticipate your package's arrival all the way from Scotland!

Just another great thing about etsy - you can shop around the world even without going around the world!

This is just a smattering of the many things that you can find on etsy...vintage items and supplies are also available.  Next time you need a gift or have some fun money to spend - head to etsy and your $$$ won't be in your pocket for long!

Happy Shopping!

xoxo       Elizabeth

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  1. Great blog! Thank you so much for including my necklace. :-) Lilian