Saturday, February 18, 2012

Post Heart Day Goodies

I wanted to share a couple more Valentine goodies with you!

To me Valentines Day isn't only about my Sweetie Pie, but about my girlies, family and friends.  Ever since they were little my girlies have always gotten a little Valentine gift from us - and my hubby has always gone shopping on his own and brought his girlies (me included!) his own special gifts and cards. you saw on my Heart Day blog I love to give Valentine gifts.
Well this year I received a very special Valentine gift from a very special friend!  Just look at this lovely home-made cake!!!
Not only did it look gorgeous, but it tasted so yummy!  We enjoyed it so much...for dessert...for breakfast...for lunch...for anytime at all actually!  Thank you Special Friend!!!

I also wanted to share the Valentine that I made for my hubby 'cause it was easy to do and you could make one too!  And it could really be for any occasion.

I made a little book of all of the things I love about him...well a lot of the things anyway!

I love to cut things out of magazines and books (old books of course!) and I mixed some of those images with phrases that I printed from the computer and some fun papers and other items.
I made a cover from cardboard ( I have a drawer-ful of cardboard -that doesn't surprise you does it? - that I have saved from various places...old boxes, drink carriers, packaging...)

I punched holes in all the pages and the covers and then tied them together with some cord.  I creased the front cover so it would be easier to read the book...
and Voila!  there you have it a handmade book for my special someone!  He liked it very much...and by the way bought me the most beautiful card that made me cry - the happy tears! really don't have to wait until next Heart Day...go ahead and make a little book now, tell someone how you feel about them!

xoxo        Elizabeth

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