Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Confession

Well here it is...a confession...and also a sort of record being set...
at my you can is still Christmas!!!!!!!!!
Hard to believe I know, but the flamingo tree is still up...
the Santa Mouse is still hanging around...
the Christmas Angel is still watching over us...
Prince Charming is still perched on the shelf awaiting his Princess...
and even the Nativity is still out (accompanied as you can see by Brian's steering wheel!)...

I have beaten my own record...Christmas decorations still out in March!  I may even make it to St. Patrick's Day...because I don't see any time in the near future that I will be putting them away!  The boxes are in the house...ready and waiting for me to start the process...but I am busy - sewing, doing the chores, thinking up new schemes to sell my wares, making gifts, having good talks with the much to do and none of it includes putting away the Christmas.  Oh well - it is what it is!  That's a new mantra that I am working on with a special friend of mine.  We are trying it out to keep ourselves calm and collected when things don't go just as we planned.

So for now I am calm and collected...Christmas will get put away at some point - just not sure what that point will be!

I am waiting for a box of Spring goodies to come in from a shop in China...maybe when they arrive it will spur me on to finally put Christmas back in the boxes!

xoxo      Elizabeth


  1. Hey Elizabeth- How do you dust and clean with all those things around? I don't see any dirt on your Christmas decorations...but in my house, all the chotchkies make for mucho dust!

  2. Judy,

    I just know how to take the photos so the dust doesn't show!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth