Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Frying up Goodness

A while back this happened at our house....
it was just like being at the bakery at 3am...only it wasn't...cause we are sometimes just going to bed at 3am and cause well...we don't live at the bakery!
Here is proof that it was a while ago...Lane has brown hair! And it is kinda long for her!

It's always more fun to cook with friends, and, I think you are a little bit braver, more willing to try things that might scare you a bit - like making donuts!

There was donut shaping involved and we just used what ever was handy to make the donut holes...see the little plastic cup in the top pic?  It worked just fine.
There was rising involved...
There was frying's what I mean about being braver (or is it more brave?) with friends...that candy thermometer almost never comes out at my house...way too scary! can bet there was some eating involved!  Here you can see the assembly line...those beautifully risen donuts ready for frying, the golden donuts ready for sugaring or glazing and the glazed donuts ready for...that's right eating!!!

Just to let you know...we were very popular at ballet that night!

Oh my, now I am soooooo hungry for donuts...I wonder, if I hurry, and the kitchen is nice and warm and the dough rises fast...could I make donuts right now?

So, go and make some's really not that hard...with some friends of course!

xoxo       Elizabeth

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