Sunday, March 4, 2012

Holly and the Dance Bag

There is this wonderful place that we go when our pointe-y shoes wear out....The Dance Bag!
The Dance Bag has everything we need for our dancing and one very special extra thing that no other dancing store has....Holly! I will call her mysterious Holly for now as she will never ever let us take her photo!
Mysterious Holly fixes The Dance Bag up with such cleverness....

It is always fun to see what she will have up her sleeve next....
but, even more important than those clever store decorations mysterious Holly knows just exactly what a ballet dancer's feet might need.
She pulls out every pair of shoes that just might work, she thinks and thinks about each pair of feet that are needing those pointe-y shoes...she puts a shoe on, asks some questions, analyzes the fit and works and works until the perfect satiny shoe is found. 

We are so thankful for mysterious Holly....we have some pretty difficult feet in our family...and she never gives up!  We have even heard sounds coming from the back of the store that are strangely reminiscent of a cobbler's shop!
So, if you need anything ballet (or jazz, or tap, or any dance-y thing) and if you want the best pointe-y fitter ever....and if you want to see all the cute displays....then go see our mysterious Holly at The Dance Bag in Modesto!

Thank you Holly for all your loving care!

xoxo        Elizabeth

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