Saturday, March 17, 2012

etsy favorites in March

It's been a month already and time for another etsy favorites!  It has been brought to my attention...that men and women like to look at different things!  So this month I am going to see if I can find a little something for everyone!  Here goes...(as you are browsing don't forget...just click on the highlighted words to visit the shops)
How about some organic heirloom seeds from The Little Ragamuffin?  This etsy shop has handmade soap, seeds, dried herbs and various vintage items.  Jenny also shares the adventures of her family home, The Kirk Estate, located in Altamont, New York on her blog.
I think this idea is so fun...personalized knitting needles!  This particular pair is waiting for me to buy them for my knitting pal, Stacy!!! Take a look and see if there are any that you would like.
Everybody reads and this is something that I find hysterical and so clever...all the way from Kiev in the Ukraine...Olena makes these wonderful bookmarks.
I just recently came across a wonderful shop, I Want My Hobo, with people who sew like I do...but in such a different and fascinating way.  I am totally smitten with these!
These little birds fly to us all the way from Europe and they need to hang with the paper mache bluebirds of happiness that are in my living room! Plamena has many other wonderful things in her etsy store.

So there it is!  A little something for everyone?  I hope so and I have to admit that it wasn't easy for me to find those couple of things that I thought would - maybe - appeal to the men in our lives!

Go to etsy...explore...poke around the shops...find some things you love...and maybe even buy something!

xoxo       Elizabeth

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