Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Class in is Session!

Bright and early Monday morning (well ok it was 10:00, but for us that is bright and early!) everything was set out and ready for Art Time 'Back to School' classes.
There was a bag of necessities...glue, scissors, ruler, bubble gum and a caramel Tootsie Roll....waiting for each student!

All of the supplies were in neat piles....
and then everything just went crazy - stamps and stamp pads came out, papers were scattered as students looked for just the right item, sharpies and coloured pencils were out in abundance...
We made collages for binders, dividers for subjects...and some really fun 3D letters!
There is a wonderful website that offers these cute cutouts of each letter in the alphabet...
they are so clever...C is for chameleon!
J is for joker and D is for doctor....please go to their website and have some fun...you can down load the whole alphabet.  Some of the letters are more challenging than others, but with a little concentration and patience they really turn out nicely.

So Art Time classes are in full swing, we are having such fun crafting, visiting, and of course snacking!!!
xoxo       Elizabeth

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