Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fig Jam

 they are pretty...
inside and out...they taste good fresh....they taste good dried...and they make great jam!
So...this last weekend...Jenny, Lane and I whipped up a batch - well maybe it was just Jenny and I because I think Lane was whipping up those incredible Blueberry Cupcakes that I was telling you about.  And Madison, she, was taking the photos of those incredible cupcakes.

We don't peel the figs when we make the jam...I like the chunky-ness - and it is just too darn much work to peel all of those tiny figs!  So we cut them up....

add some stuff...pectin, lemon, water, a tiny pat of butter and a whole lot of sugar....and cook 'em up.
Next put them piping hot into nice clean jars, get those lids on nice and tight and turn them upside down for 5 minutes...

and there you that beautiful or what!?

Thanks for the help Jen!  I just got a whole new batch of fresh figs...when are you coming over to work on these? Hee Hee!

From a hot stove in Merced.....

xoxo      Elizabeth


  1. Great jam Mom! It is delicious!

  2. Diego and I ate half my jar this morning!! YUM!