Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mission Complete!

I would have to say that this messy table of art supplies produced some pretty wonderful things!  As you can see at the very back we even got the sewing machine out...

Camp ended with a bang - we got to be with one of our students on her birthday!

It was a treat to get to sit with our students day after day and come to know them...and to visit with and get to know their parents when they dropped off and picked up.  Such a wonderful group of people.  We were treated to cinnamon rolls, madeleines, and even freshly picked tomatoes!
During the week we made puzzle maps of the United States...

We labeled the states, talked about the capitals, and coloured them in...
then we spray glued them to craft foam, cut them out and decorated a box to put them in.
I shared how to make my funny little owls...look how nicely they turned out!
We created our own stamps with craft foam and cardboard....
and used them to stamp totes that we made from old T shirts.

This was a fun and easy on T shirts above for the instructions from Family Fun's website.
More owls....these are from toilet paper rolls.  You just push in the end of the roll to make the owl ears and then have fun decorating.  We used tissue paper and glue to cover them first, and then when they were dry we used Sharpies to add the details.
just a few simple reminders of what to do and not to do!

a place to list favorites...

a schedule for personal hygiene!

We made journals out of composition notebooks...we decorated them with images and washi tape and added tabs for different sections...and I couldn't resist sharing these journal entry headings!

So....a very successful Art Time 'Back to School' art camp!!! Thank you to all of our students and the parents that brought them to us!  Can't wait til next time!

xoxo        Elizabeth

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