Monday, August 20, 2012

Pesto French Bread

This weekend we celebrated my dad moving into his 83rd year...

My contribution for the dinner was to be the bread.  I have a wonderful French bread recipe from my good friend, Stacy, and I had some lovely pesto that the hubby whipped up (from our garden I might mention!) it just made sense to make some Pesto French Bread!

Brian made our pesto with just garlic, fresh basil and olive oil.  This is supposed to freeze well and then we add parmigiano cheese when we use it. Traditionally you would also add pine nuts...sometimes we do and sometimes we don't!
Don't you love my wonderful little measuring spoons!?
I made the usual French bread recipe...and added about 1/2 of the 1/2 pint jar of pesto to the dough.  I cut the water back by 1/4 cup to balance adding the pesto.  The dough looked so pretty with the bits of basil in it....and the whole kitchen smelled divine!

Patience is required in bread baking....the bread needs time to is worth the wait...
and I get to use my pretty little towels to cover the dough while it rises and they just make me happy!

Just realized the dough looks the same size in both! One is closer...
Here you can see the dough before and after rising...time now to punch the dough down and shape it into loaves.
 At this point I decided to add just a little bit more to the bread!
I split the top of the loaf, spread in about 3 large tablespoons of pesto and a nice handful of parmigiano...
more patience required for another bit of rising...then into the oven...and....

I had finger's crossed that my altered recipe would be a success...and everyone said the bread was delicious! Whew!

We had lots of other great food at our little birthday bash...tri-tip from Wolfsen's in Gustine, a quinoa salad, watermelon and for dessert Lane made some marvelous Blueberry Cupcakes. You will be able to find them on her blog, Food Lane, in a bit!

So here's to a wonderful 83rd year for my wonderful Dad!  I love you Daddy!

xoxo        Elizabeth

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