Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Biology Project from....Mrs. Lopez - part 2

Close your eyes (after you read this next part - silly) and picture the following:

A sort of old mini-van with a Mom, Dad, two girlies and a dog....

Headed off to find a place to gather wild flowers to finish Madison's biology project and have a picnic...

Now...the dog begins to whine, ease her way out of the back seat and inch farther into the front of the van.  Not only is she whining she is panting like she just ran a doggy marathon or something.

                                                   This is the troublesome, but lovable pooch

One of the girlies and the Mom start to get a little frustrated, the other girlie is trying to keep control of the dog and the Dad starts to be frustrated that no one seems to be keeping the dog in her proper place...

This is where it all could have gone terribly wrong - but yeah! us - we didn't let it!!!!  A collective breath was taken and a silent vow made by each - let's enjoy this day!!!

So...when we got to the park where we were going to eat lunch and look for those pesky wildflowers and found out that dogs were NOT  allowed...we didn't scream, we didn't yell, we didn't even stamp our eight feet...we just asked the nice park ranger if we could please turn our van around since dogs were NOT allowed.

This is what prompted us to venture on and wind up in Jamestown.  We stopped for gas (and by the way saw a drunken guy buying beer, who needless to say, DID NOT NEED ANY MORE BEER) and a nice person directed us to the little park that had tables for a picnic and guess what?...dogs WERE  allowed.

So we unloaded our lunch and enjoyed a great picnic.

*** A note of interest here...Madison had the sense to be a bit embarrassed the minute our 'cooler' came out of the car...I on the other hand took a few minutes to realize that we looked a fill in the adjective...(shall I say silly?) carrying our lunch around in a styrofoam cooler still in the box!!!!!
Oh well, if you're wearing a silly hat what's the big deal about a cooler in a box?

The park was very cute, next to a cool old building and there were even some pretty flowers.

After we ate we decided to walk around town a bit...

                                            Our pooch was very well behaved!

We always seem to hit Jamestown and Sonora when it is motorcycle day!

                                          We looked for Mrs. Lopez, but didn't see her!

I love the little shops in Jamestown and this is my favorite:

                                       Go in and see Karen, the owner, she is really nice!


This place cracked me up...but no one took me seriously when I said I kneaded to go in there!

                               So many photo ops!

Now -  we have been heard saying that this biology project was a pain in the....uh...tummy, and we might have even said we didn't want to do it.... didn't know how we would ever find ALL those plants...but we have to now eat our words and say thanks Mrs. Lopez because on our quest for ALL those plants we ended up having a really fun family day!

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