Monday, February 28, 2011

A Getaway!

Not that we have things we want to get away from, but my sweetie whisks me off once in a while to one of our favorite local places - Sonora.
I was a little bit bratty...ok a lotta bit bratty...about this little sojourn.  I was absolutely sure it was going to snow on us, and I tried to convince Brian that it just wasn't a good idea to venture out.  I just hate driving in unsavory weather and the day we were to leave it was stormy.  I had this information on good authority from my very own weather station near Lake Don Pedro where they were preparing for a possible power outage. Now, really...why would you get in your car and drive towards that!?
As you can plainly turned out to be quite a gorgeous day (why is it that when ever I put my foot down it seems to end up in my mouth!?)  Beautiful blue skies, cotton candy clouds...and what?  No snow, No rain!!!!!!  A good start to a our little outing.
The drive to Sonora is really quite beautiful...and I truly love the hills when they are that amazing shade of winter green.  One of the things I miss about living over in the Morgan Hill area is the proximity to the when we drive up this way I feel right at home.
One of my favorite sights on the way up - Flat-top Hill - I just made that up...I have no idea what it's called but it looks just like someone chopped the top right off.  And an extra treat - a waterfall!
We made the trip without any snowstorm calamities, but as you can see - there had been some snowing going on at some point!  In fact lots of the stores were closed because such a bad storm had been predicted - so...I wasn't the only scaredy cat!
We had lots of fun eating out, going to the movies, and doing a tiny bit of shopping...this is a new place we found (with the help of the nice lady at the yarn shop).  An Italian family that has been in the area since 1879 opened this restaurant in their old family home.  Excellent food - we heard a lot of it is fresh from their farms.  If you want to try it out - they are open for breakfast and lunch only.  1210 Sanguinetti Road.

Speaking of the yarn shop...that is one of my favorite places to go - such a pretty little shop.
Every time I am here I wish I could knit more than just straight-line things!  The nice lady told me she was sure that I could learn...I have been reading up and want to try.

Aren't these gorgeous, don't they make you want to run out and buy yarn and some needles!?

I always think I have a favorite colour until I come in here and then all the colours are my favorite!  I did buy a few things...and I will share with you later what I make with them - so fun!!!  And...I am going to try and make something other than a straight-line thing!  When you are in Sonora be sure and drop by this darling shop...By Hand Yarn
They give classes and there are projects throughout the store to inspire you...I am going to save up to make this amazing shawl that I saw.....but maybe I had better finish ok start the project that I bought last time we were there!?

There was definitely evidence that there had been some weather in the area...this is normally a very calming little area with pretty green water not roiling muddy brown water.  And...when we came out of a shop on Saturday...there it was...SNOW!!!!!
Here is the evidence!!! Little bits of snow on us!
We high-tailed it to Jamestown - where it was sunny and dry...for about twenty minutes!  And then the snow hit there too!  The snow didn't stick though and soon it was fine for walking around to our favorite shops...then we grabbed a coffee (raspberry mocha and pumpkin spice) and headed home - in the sunshine.

So, thanks Handsome for a wonderful trip...for dragging me out kicking and screaming - and bringing me back all happy that we went!

The girlies had a great time with their Papa.  They cooked him dinners, had great conversations, and were introduced to Lawrence Welk!  I watched him with my Nonnie when I was little..

And I heard them making plans for next time - talk of playing cards, trips to Super Target and things like that!  Thanks Daddy - it makes me happy when my girlies get to spend time with you.

So get in the car everyone...and go somewhere...we only traveled an hour and look what fun we had!

xoxo     Elizabeth


  1. What a great trip. I'm glad you went and had a good time.

  2. That pic of you and uncle Brian is so great!!