Monday, May 10, 2010 give or not to give...that is the question!

Unwanted Mommy advice... this is a go to term in our house.  I am trying to change from the mother of little ones who need and want all of my advice to the mother of older ones who really don’t need it and surely do not want it.  This. is. a. very. hard. thing. to. do.

For example the other day as we got ready to go to the dentist for cleanings I got a thought in my head...I listened to this thought and even told my little self not to share this know what is coming...I said it anyway...

“Lane”  I said... “Brush your teeth really well before we go to the dentist.”  As the words came out of my mouth I wanted to pull them back in but a device to accomplish this often needed task has not yet been invented.  So, I waited and got what I deserved.... “Mom,”  Lane said... “I think I know that by now.”

Yes Lane you do know that, and what’s worse I know that you know that - it’s the mother thoughts in my head that just won’t be ignored at times...aagghhh...I am trying I really am, be patient with me - I can be come a grown up kid mom, I know I can.

                                          She looks quite capable doesn't she?

My girlies are growing up!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

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