Friday, May 7, 2010

A few of my favorite things....

First things the song that the title of this post comes from....there was a movie also.

I have seen other bloggers make lists of things they as a way for those of you that might not know me to see a bit more of what makes me tick here are some things that I like:

I love sharp pencils - it makes me happy to write with an extraordinarily sharp pencil - silly huh?

I love the smell of freesias, they always make me think of my Nonnie

Ok I am realizing a pattern here....I have gone right past liking things into the love category! Wow, so this has become a list of things that I LOVE...that my friends is commitment...

I love the Spring and wait...the Fall too - maybe because they are shortlived, maybe because they are mellow, maybe because they seem so full of life, so intense, just on the brink of being something else and in a blink of an eye they are gone.  They have a quality of preciousness.

I love family dinners - the eating is of course great, but I think I love even more the sitting around the table afterwards and talking.  I am always sad when the first person gets up to move away from the table and the spell is some how broken.

Here’s another silly one - I love gnomes.  Those pointy hats and tiny hands.  The rosy little cheeks and the thought that they probably know some fairies, because as my daughters and my good buddy Barbara know I BELIEVE IN FAIRIES!!!!!!!

I love flamingos and at some future date I will elaborate on how that came about and share my collection with you.

Which leads me to...I love collections and I have a hard time not
collecting things.  There's the flamingo collection I mentioned...the gnome collection...the small toy collection that you have heard about in my Stuart Little post...need I go on?  You get the idea!

More of this list to come in future posts...

What do you love?

xoxo Elizabeth

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