Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's meaning

I have been reading a beautiful blog lately:

The author of this blog - Kelle Hampton just recently had a baby - in fact - she had her little one 4 days after I lost my mom...there's that circle of life we hear about (which reminds me of a story about my grandfather's death that I will share another time).  A few weeks ago Kelle mentioned that her little Nella was 10 weeks old.  I have been counting the time since my mom passed away, of course, but in my head it was in months.  Two months since that difficult day.  I told myself - 2 months - you should be handling things a bit better by two months...then reading 10 weeks and seeing how tiny little Nella still was I realized 10 weeks or 2 months either way you look at it is a relatively short period of time.  It had only been 10 weeks that I had been trying to live in this world without my mom, only 10 weeks of missing her, only 10 weeks of feeling so sad that my special and sweet father has been all alone in their house.

No wonder that Mother's Day had left me with a pit in my stomach...what to do this Mother's Day?  How to feel, how to celebrate...

I kept seeing things that I might purchase or make for Mom for Mother's Day...a tiny little house made out of paper with cherries on it (Mom had cherryish things in her kitchen), a cherry cookie cutter, a special many wonderful things for a wonderful Mom.

Maybe the message is that there will always be things to remind me of Mom AND that is a good thing.  She will always be my mom and that will always be something to celebrate...and I have two sweet girlies who want to celebrate their mom.   So... we will remember, we will be present, and we will look forward - with love in our hearts.

I love you Mom

I wrote this post a little while before Mother's Day...then during the week of Mother's Day I didn't post it...not sure why...just too hard maybe.  But...we did celebrate Mother's Day - for my girlies - and after seeing all they did to make the day special for me - I am so glad that we did.

With the help of their Dad, my handsome hubby Brian, a beautiful brunch was prepared.

In the afternoon we were off to my Dad's house where Brian and my girlies again prepared a beautiful meal.  Salmon, artichokes, Caesar salad, fresh fruit.  And, my girlies made (from scratch mind you) my new favorite cake that I first tasted for my birthday.  Orange Layer Cake.  It is the most divine cake...a soft peachy colour, hints of orange as you bite into it and a delicious butter cream frosting (which they learned how to make from their Auntie Jenny).  Such a treat.

In addition to being fed and having to do no dishes my girlies made me the most special presents.  Truly from the heart and I am so touched and thankful.
                                 From Lane... a sign to put in my garden!
                       From Madison...some amazing words

And, from the handsome hubby one of those crazy expensive cards - that I always look at but will never spend the money on!
                                                 It was full of beautiful sentiment

..... as I sat surrounded by love and special things I cried and thought of my precious Mom who (along with my precious Dad) is the one who taught me how to be the Mom that I am.

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  1. Well I sit here in tears thinking about this wonderful family and friend that I have lost as well.... she would be so proud to see each day what her girls are doing and I believe she is looking down smiling and warming your hearts.... Miss you Barbara...

    Wonderful site Elizabeth and we have to set date for Gallo soon, before the end of the year.... Love and hugs. Marlene