Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monkey Business

One of the many things that I love about home schooling is the fact that the girlies and I can share breakfast any day we choose.

Some days that means we take a break in between studies and eat together, some days it means we work while we eat...which ever it is - I feel lucky to have this time with my girlies.

A while back we made our version of Monkey Bread.  There are many versions out there I'm sure, but this one is easy and does the trick.

    And...make a sock monkey while you're at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ***I had to make this small to fit it on - if you want a copy leave me a comment or email me!
You will need:

At least 4 cans of pop-open biscuits

First melt your butter and prepare a cinnamon sugar mixture.  Then pop open those biscuits and tear them into smaller pieces (a size that will be bite-sized once cooked). Get out a bundt pan (I can never use a bundt pan without cracking up after seeing My Big Fat Greek Wedding - if you haven't seen this movie drop what ever you are doing and go rent it right now!) and spray it with cooking spray.   Now dunk those torn-up pieces in the melted butter and roll them in the cinnamon sugar mixture.  Toss them into the bundt pan along with some raisins til you have used all of your bread pieces.  Now bake this at 350 degrees til golden brown and biscuits seem cooked through - to be honest I don't remember just how long it is.....longer than it says on the package for the biscuits because they are all piled up on each other!

Now make a fruit salad or some other healthy thing to balance the 'badness' of the bread and enjoy!

                              See that pretty spoon?  It was my Nonnie and Honey's

Got any fun easy recipes for me?

xoxo Elizabeth

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