Saturday, July 24, 2010

Art Time at Studio 1215

I have sooooooo much to say about my Art Time adventures!

It was so fun!

Can't wait to do it again....for now here are some pics and thoughts.

First things first...I could not do my Art Time classes without my two very able assistants!  My girlies are truly amazing.  They never complain, they are very good at anticipating what is needed, they love working with people...they are very artsy fartsy - and I just love them to pieces!!!

......if you know me at all you know that I don't do much without a snack being a part of each day at Art Time there was a different snack on the table - can't be expected to create without something yummy to chew on!

Once we had all of our design elements in hand we could begin our projects!!!

Something I love about doing art is how the table and surrounding areas get more and more interesting the farther you get into your creation...

On the first day the table was very organized...things were in pretty containers, just what we needed was on the table...all very controlled and contained...wait for it....

By the last day of class anything you might be able to imagine could be found on the table!  Just a crazy mess of creative madness....

Art Time included all of the projects that you saw in the Tomodachi Gakko posts and one new one that worked out so well...

We made vases out of cardboard and old magazines!

One of the exciting things about doing crafts or art with people is that you get a wonderful array of interpretations of the project.  You can see below just how different each of the vases turned out.

Here is a vase from our 6 year old student...fabulous!

...the 10 or 11 year old

and our 4th grader...each one beautiful and unique!

Here is one that I did - I added a little folded flower...

...and here is Madison's - she created her own flower from some of the rolled paper.
(Lane created one that had seed beads nestled in it - but I didn't get a pic and she has given it away as a gift...she's like that!)

Here's my Madison in her artsy glasses...she needs them to see the little things that we work on...

...and here's my Lane wearing her wire dragonfly as a barrette!

It is my intention to set up a calendar of Art Time classes for the coming year.  I hope to do some Christmas projects, a fun calendar for the new year, some springtime creations...just lots and lots of fun things!

I hope that some of you can join us - big people too!

I love the way our vases turned out so much that I am going to post the instructions in the next week or so...they are so easy to do you may even figure it out before then!

xoxo    Elizabeth

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