Saturday, July 10, 2010

The results of an artsy week...

All week I have been talking about a surprise...because the theme of Gakko this year was ' Community'  I wanted the students in the art room to be able to give something back to the Gakko Community. 

While they were working the students (and our wonderful helpers)  made some extras and we created bouquets for all of the people that teach and inspire them during the week.

We wrapped them in furoshikis that the students stamped!

I now have a new skill...folding a furoshiki bouquet holder!  Here is where I learned - (just go into the site and click on 'techniques' )

The learning has occurred, the art work has been finished and the end result is our gourd vase filled with our hand made Tsumami Kanzashi flower, our dragonfly, and our folded butterfly...

On Friday morning the student's art is whisked out of the art room and into the individual classrooms to display for Open House...

Another successful year in the art room...whew...

Now, on another note...Thursday I was attending the meeting to plan for next year's Gakko...I was innocently eating my wonderful lunch (thank you Gakko kitchen) and Lorraine was telling us all that it is really not so scary to be the director of Gakko - that there isn't really all that much work to do - as she continued with her inspirational (guilt inducing) speech I was thinking....they can't possibly mean me -  I will be doing the art again....I just can't volunteer for something else....well maybe...what if Gakko didn't happen because no one volunteered....AND THE NEXT THING I KNEW I WAS PART OF THE  GAKKO DIRECTOR COMMITTEE!!!!

So....I will see you all next year!!!!!!!!  Thanks for another great Tomodachi Gakko.

The 'Committee' and I will work hard to make next year another year to remember.

xoxo     Elizabeth

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  1. I love all the projects. Part of the committe??? You are a crazy lady! Love ya Jen