Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fruit Guilt...

The peaches are in over at my dad's place...and if you don't pick them and do something with them the guilt really sets in...

So this weekend when my sis and my Bethanne were here we picked and picked and picked...

That's my girlie, Lane, with her Auntie Jenny!!!

There's my Bethanne!  There is a reason that I call her my Bethanne - my name is Elizabeth Anne...
and her name is...well I already said it - Bethanne...get it?  As long as I live I will never get over the rush of love I feel when I think of her being named after ole me!!!!!!!!!

Now my Bethanne is a gymnast...can you tell by the way she picks peaches?  No ladder for my Bethanne...she just climbs right into the tree - AND doesn't even hold on!!!

Maybe it's the feet....

Here's my girlie, Madison, taking her pics for the day.

And both of my sweet girlies with a tub o peaches...

There is nothing quite like the taste of a warm peach right from the tree...

Jen climbed up the ladder to get the tippy top peaches...she's brave like that!

So after a hard day's picking...well maybe a 1/2 an hour or so at least...we decided that with part of the bounty we would make peach ice cream!!!  It was delicious!

I hear there will be some cobbler made...I hope to make some jam...and we'll see what else!

What are you picking from your garden?

xoxo    Elizabeth


  1. I love the pictures, too bad we did not take pictures of the ice cream! love ya Jen

  2. How cool to be able to head out into your Dad's backyard and pick yummy peaches. No garden this year for me...but next year I hope to...even maybe plant some fruit trees.

  3. What a spectacular retelling. I loved the pictures, quite frankly. They captured so many of the details. I must agree...warm peaches are awesome. Smiles, m