Thursday, July 22, 2010

Strength in numbers....

My sister, my girlies, my nieces and I all wear a piece of matching jewelry...there is a comfort in knowing that we all have this special bit of jewelry in common.

There is a charming (no pun intended) jewelry store and blog that I have followed online for a couple of years.

Erin's things are so pretty and personal and I always wanted to have one.  Please go and visit her site...there are so many wonderful things and so many wonderful reasons to have them!

After my mom passed away I thought it was the perfect time to choose one.  Then I got the idea that I wanted my sister and I to have the same piece...then I got the idea that I wanted my girlies to have one too...then I got the idea that I wanted my nieces to have one too...then I got the idea that I didn't have enough money to buy them all - so I bought some and my sis bought some!

Just this week The Vintage Pearl had a contest to find photos for their new 'Brick and Mortar' shop.  What a great opportunity for Madison to practice her photo skills and for us to possibly honour my mom with our necklaces in the new shop!!!

My sis, Jennifer, and my niece, Bethanne, were down this weekend so Madison took lots of photos.

These aren't the photos that Madison sent in for the contest...those are top secret...but everyone had ideas about how to do the photographs and Madison tried them all.

Here they are close up - Jennifer's and mine say 'We are loved'...all the girlies (Dominique, Bethanne, Madison and Lane) have 'grammy' written on theirs.  The green stone is for Mom's birthstone - Emerald

Here is my beautiful mom with our necklaces...

Some hearts for Grammy...

Madison got some wonderful pics and we all had a lot of fun...I felt like Mom was with us as we held our necklaces with love and took our photos.

So wish us would be so wonderful to have Mom's necklaces hanging in Erin's new shop!

xoxo    Elizabeth


  1. I just love this blog. And all you women. Your mother's love is shining down on all of you from heaven.