Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last day in the art room...

Thursday at Gakko always brings mixed feelings.  We have had a great week of art, but it is hard to believe that Tomodachi Gakko is almost over for another year.

Today we folded butterflies.  One will go in the gourds the students made and the other will go into our surprise.

We used two rectangles of origami paper for each butterfly.  One was folded accordion style the length of the rectangle - and one was folded accordion style from corner to corner.

Then we stacked one on top of the other and wired them together.

We wired them to our chopsticks and ...

put our washi tape to use again ( go to this site to buy your own washi tape

We were lucky to have some grandmas and great grandmas visit the art room!  I hope they go home and make some butterflies!

So......all of our projects are complete - it was a bit of a mad dash at the end, but we made it!

Tomorrow I will show you the end result and our surprises.

xoxo     Elizabeth

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