Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tsumami Kanzashi

Today in Gakko we worked on another addition to our gourd vase - Tsumami Kanzashi.  Kanzashi are hair ornaments and Tsumami are a specific style folded from fabric.  When we go to Obon and watch the dancers many of them are wearing Tsumami Kanzashi.

We put our flowers on a stem (chopstick) so that we can include them in our gourds.

There was a lot of folding and painting going on in the art room today...the project took a while but the students did a great job.

The surprise material for the day was 'baby wipes'  - these were dried and cut into triangles and then folded Tsumami style to make our flower petals.

After the petals were made and sewn together, then they were painted with water colours.

We wrapped the stems with washi tape.

Here you can see the before painting and after painting.

Here is another look at our 'hangy things' - they would look really nice in my living room...I hope they make it home with the students :)

So even though it was a bit hectic in the art room today...we still had wonderful results.

Tomorrow we will finish up with some folded butterflies - which will become a part of our surprise!

xoxo    Elizabeth

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