Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Amazing Arnold

Not too far from our front door - there is some mighty pretty nature...

and a wonderful little cabin that we just love!

We always eat yummy things while we are here -

Like home made mac and cheese from our favorite

We also feasted on Snickerdoodle Cupcakes, Banana Muffins, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Squash Bread (as Brian calls it) and we even had Porterhouse Steaks...accompanied by some great wines, a few gin and tonics, margaritas and even a shot or two of Patron...we were there for 4 days...

Dad brought his 'short friend' and she had quite the Big Adventure...from relaxing on the couch to trying to chase squirrels to sneaking into the 'no dogs allowed' beach...she is always a good companion.

We always do a puzzle at the cabin

and this time there was lots of card playing...

We had a rousing game of quintruple solitaire...which Dad wisely renamed  Multi-tare!

See five players!  All of us trying to play on the aces in the middle - it was crazy fun - you've gotta try it!

If you can take the pressure!

Dad taught us how to play Pea-knuckle (that's how Madison and I spell it!) first it seemed complicated

But, it was a lot of fun...come on over we'll teach you how to play!

Poor Brian was banished to the deck chair to sleep (because he is a little bit of a snorer...) and you can see his 'sleeping in the wilds' kit on the table there...a shot of tequila and a good spray of Off!

In amidst all this other fun we did enjoy some of the amazing of our favorite places to go is up past The Big Trees, past Bear Valley, on by Lake Alpine, and right on by Mosquito Lake...

This is Mosquito is a postcard waiting to happen
See what I mean?

If you are brave enough to tackle the treacherous mountain roads...ok nobody but me thinks they are can pull over to the side of the road and walk right up to the most beautiful river!

I never cease to be amazed to find these incredible scenes played out before me...

How lucky are we to be able to be a part of this...look at that view!

It is so quiet and can feel the energy flowing back in to replenish your tired old self.

Flip-flops are abandoned in favor of bare feet on warm stones and in cold water...

As we all enjoy being a part of this awe-inspiring nature.

You just get kind of giddy being out there in all that nature!!!

We also visited Fly-in Lake which is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the cabin.


Swimming in that lake was just a little piece of heaven...Dad even asked me if I was training to swim the English Channel...cause once I got in I just couldn't make myself get back out!

While we were naturing Brian was arting...can you see he is painting our Lena when she was a pup!
This is his second doggie painting and he is really good at it!

So the trip wound to it's end and

as usual we purchased too many things from the annual Arnold Flea Market...just couldn't resist!

But, our ace packer was able to get it all in!

So, sadly we were headed back home to reflect on our fabulous, four-day, fun-filled, family get away...

We missed our Jeffrey - as the Air Force felt they needed him more than we did...and this was our first trip without The Mother - but we feel her more and more, with us, where ever we go.

Sending summer out with a bang,

xoxo     Elizabeth


  1. Seeing your pics of the mountains makes me want to take a trip. Those high up rivers and lakes are priceless treasures to enjoy. Glad you all had a great time.