Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our first cup of tea...

Lane has begun her journey with Mr. Mortenson!

So, if you are coming along - we will share our lesson plans.

On our first day of studies we plotted a course of reading.  We decided that two chapters a week would be a good pace.

Lane has a map of Pakistan that she will fill in as she reads:

I think that you can pull this map right off the post and then just enlarge it...
(sorry about that line in there -???)

Lane is going to use a notebook to write down rivers, mountains, cities, etc as she reads and then she will use the web, the encyclopedia or such to help her place them on her map.  Coloured pencils, stamps, cut out images...what ever seems fun can be used to make the map more creative.

Hopefully some of you will share your maps with us when we are finished!

Lane will also be making a list of any words that she is not familiar with as she reads.  She likes to go on and look things up!


We are going to keep a time line of the events that occur in the book.

We talked about different ways to make our time line and decided to use a  composition book.  A couple of years ago we made a time line right on the wall with construction paper and such, that works well also.

Can you decipher the title of Lane's comp book?

So far...

  • Read two chapters per week
  • Keep a running list of vocabulary words
  • Keep a list of landmarks and places
  • Map these landmarks and places
  • Take notes (this is so she and I can talk at the end of each section she reads)
  • Answer any questions or do any additional activities that are assigned
Lane's question to consider this week is:

What are some life lessons that can be learned from this book?

For example:  One thing that could be taken from this book is the idea to 'Dream Big'.  Greg Mortenson isn't afraid to take on a huge project.  His ideas seem to be almost too big to accomplish, but he moves ahead with plans that help him work toward his goals.

This is a question that will need to be considered all through out the book - it won't really be answered completely until Lane has finished the book.  I wanted her to have it now, though, so she can think about it while she is reading.

Next week more lessons and ideas!

Here's another interview with Greg:

*** I poured over a lot of info on the web to help me create these lessons plans - so I can't claim all the credit...I took ideas from here and there and meshed them together.  When ever possible I will share where the ideas come from.

As-salaam Alaaikum (Peace be with you)

xoxo    Elizabeth 

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