Thursday, August 19, 2010

If you only ever read two more books....

I am not a reader of non-fiction and my dad no longer reads fiction - so it is rare that we read the same book.

The following two books are the exception to this rule:

If you only ever read two more books in your life these should be those books.  I know that is a strong statement  - especially coming from a hard and fast fiction lover.   These books are that important.


There are people in this world that we assume we have nothing in common with.  People who live far away in lands that we are not familiar with.  Sometimes these people make us uneasy because we know so little about them.  And sometimes because of where they live and things we hear in the media we might form opinions when we really don’t have all the facts.

These wonderful books show us that we and these people are more alike than we are different.  They give us the chance to realize that being an everyday, ordinary human being is something shared world wide.

The following link gives an interview with Greg Mortenson, it is a little bit long, but well worth your time.  Even if you just watch a minute or so - don't miss it!

 Politics aside - the ideas presented in these books pertaining to dealing with terrorism are amazingly straight forward and in their own way quite revolutionary (not in the military sense of the word).

What Greg Mortenson and his family are sacrificing to make this world a better place for all of us and more importantly for our children and all the world’s children should not go un-noticed.   This is a family effort on their part  and there is no doubt in my mind that the Mortenson family is affecting a change that will leave the world as we know it a different and more enlightened one.

This links you to a song sung by Greg's daughter Amira.  There is some great footage of what Greg and the Central Asia Institute are accomplishing.

Lane will be reading these books this school year - and we will be doing some lesson plans and other exciting things.  We will keep you posted if you would like to read along with her.

Greg will also be speaking at the Gallo Center in November - maybe we can carpool!

Go out and get your books today.

xoxo    Elizabeth

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