Thursday, August 5, 2010

Guess What I Did...

Yesterday I wore these to my girlies ballet camp....

...where I was not only dropping them off but helping to teach a class! (no, not a ballet class - that would be hilarious)

What does this say about my life?

That I am so busy I pay little or no attention to my attire?

Here I am in the kitchen with my statement making shoes!

That I am a crazy lady who doesn't even look in the mirror? (well maybe..)

That I am so busy bossing my girlies around that I didn't pay attention to my own shoes?

That I have a hard time making decisions?

Here I am in the dining room - you know when my girlies wore their shoes like this years ago it was so cute...

Actually none of the above -

All it says is that I leave my shoes in a pile at the end of the bed (oh come on I know this doesn't surprise you!) and I thought I grabbed two of the same ones!

It sure made for a fun day though!

xoxo    Elizabeth



  1. Too bad I couldn't have captured your face when you "felt" what you had done... :) Nice to share that we all have those moments in some form or another...

  2. It's OK I had to look at the picture for a bit to figure out what was wrong. JS