Friday, August 13, 2010

"Let me see the cups..."

I have a very close friend who taught me a lesson that I have never forgotten.  This friend is  younger than me (by 10 Years) and yet she somehow figured out this important bit of life before I did.

When my friend would come for a visit and we would share a cup of tea or coffee before I would serve her she would say to me - “ Let me see the cups”....


She would then look carefully at each of the cups in my cabinet.  The cups would be examined, remarked upon, considered... and finally a choice would be made.  Smiling she would hand me her cup of choice and we would proceed to enjoy our treat and each other.

Aren't my girlies sweet in this photo?

This same ritual would be applied to a plate if we were having something to eat.  It took me a while to really understand what was going on and the real meaning behind it.  At first it hit me that this was a great way to enjoy the things around you.  To really notice what pretty things a friend might have or to use a variety of different items.  As our friendship grew I realized that I was learning a much more important lesson.

Some days are filled with chores, some days are harder than others, and some days are just down right difficult.  If a person can learn to ‘choose’ their really look at even the small things around them and find some joy there - then even a very difficult day can offer a glimmer of this joy.

Can you tell we love Disney cups?

I love this idea of taking the time to really look at things and reminding yourself that life can be found in these little things.  The fact that you spent time looking at 10 or 12 pretty, cute, or interesting mugs before you chose one is time well spent.  The fact that you will smile each time you take a sip from this particular cup is a good thing.  The fact that you can apply this little lesson to your entire life is a gift.

This is one of the cups my girlies collected (when they were little) on our 'Quinlan Ladies' vacations at Konocti

Thank you friend for this wonderful gift.

What cup will you be using for your coffee today?

xoxo     Elizabeth

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