Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Something a little silly...

Thought it would be fun to have a little now and then feature that spoke to the little trouble-maker, shopper, eater, 'I want that' girl that lives inside of me...

For example - if I didn't have to think about $$$ at all I would go out and purchase 4 of these

One for me, one for Madison, one for Lane, and one for Sarah who can't live without every purple thing that she sees!

Here's the other half of the purse...something tells me that D and B doesn't want us copying their photo...or it's the universe conspiring to tell me I. do. not. need. this. bag!

Sometimes it's just fun to say what you would buy...then step back into reality -

I love to go through the catalogs that come in the mail and mark ALL the things that I would buy...and then just throw that puppy into the recycling bin!

Just like I would love to eat this...

But...my tummy would not be happy with me!  Oh well, for now I'll stick to Madison's chocolate chip cookies and my Thrift Store bargains! 

xoxo    Elizabeth

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